The Betches Podcast "Diet Starts Tomorrow" Episode #4

by Tracy Lockwood Beckerman in , ,

And we are back!! We recorded an honest, open and candid conversation on this episode of “Diet Starts Tomorrow.'“ We covered the INs and OUTs of the celery juice craze, which was started by a quack also known as “The Medical Medium”. I gave my honest and open opinion and even rated it on a scale from 1-10 (being the worst). You better believe I gave celery juice a bad rating!!

We talked about orthorexia and how it is very prevalent these days as we become more obsessed with our health, each and every day. We also discussed the pros and cons of the Weight Watchers freestyle diet as a plan for health management instead of weight management. We had a lot of questions about hunger and satiety hormones and how to regulate it through food choices. A ton of people asked about “hypothalamic amenorrhea” and I not only helped defined it for the listeners but shared a personal story of mine as well. It was an open, raw and candid conversation for anyone who is going through it too! We concluded with how these impact the menstrual cycle, reproductive health and I gave tips on how to overcome it. I also shared a BIG SURPRISE on the podcast and if you haven’t had the chance to listen….here it goes:

I’M WRITING A BOOK! Want more information? Message me on Instagram @thehappiestnutritionist or on the website forum for more intel. OR you can listen to the podcast…how’s that? Stay tuned!! xx