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"I have had such a positive experience working with Tracy since our first meeting.  Personally, I have learned so much from her including choosing healthier options when eating and easy & quick ways to prepare foods at home. I appreciate her continued support for my overall well-being."

-Jessica S. 

"Seeing Tracy on a regular basis has helped me stay on track concerning my weight loss goal. She has been very helpful in giving me guidance concerning what foods I should and should eat less of. Tracy is encouraging without being overbearing. There is absolutely no intimidation from her, which is important when it comes to the delicate matter of trying to lose weight. She knows the value of baby steps; that is, she is aware that to change a person's bad habits you have to start with what they are comfortable with doing, without drastically changing their entire lifestyle. I've almost lost 50 pounds!” 

-Jason R.

"My experience with Tracy Lockwood has been exceptional.  I have always been a very all or nothing person when it comes to diet and exercise.  I struggle to maintain a healthy balance.  Although I have always known that you need to make healthy habits a way of life, I have always tried to do the quick fix by too much dieting and exercise and then falling off the wagon.  Tracy gives me encouragement and listens to me about things going on in my life, which allows her to troubleshoot with me about certain things that may be standing in my way to keep a good balance.  With her guidance, I have been much better about allowing myself some indulgences and not beating myself up when I “cheat” or skip a workout or two.  She has given me more self-esteem by listening to me and making me feel good about myself and my choices.  I always look forward to seeing her when we meet!”

-Lauren K. 

"Under Tracy's guidance, I learned how to pay close attention to the food I was eating and how my body works with this food.  Tracy did not restrict my eating habits but introduced healthier alternatives. Her approach to weight loss allowed me to stop thinking about my eating habits as a diet but, a way of taking control of my life.  To date, I am pleased to say that I have lost weight and will continue to lose. Tracy is the utmost professional and has nothing but compassion and dedication to her clients.  I am thrilled to be able to say that I worked with her!"

-Monica B.

“Since I’ve met with Tracy, I've been more successful with my nutrition goals and it's been so beneficial not only to my mood but to my overall health and wellbeing. Health is extremely important to me and it keeps me on track knowing that I will see her to check up on me. She gives me ideas and guidance that works for specifically for me. I don't feel deprived, I feel energized and happy...all because of Tracy!"

-Sam R.

“I've worked closely with Tracy to keep my nutrition, fitness and self-love routine on point.  She is always present and listening so she can give me honest and encouraging coaching and feedback, which has helped not only my body stay healthy and strong but also my peace of mind.  The accountability she provides is like none other, and I now consider her not only a trusted advisor but a friend!" 

-Liz A.