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In this week’s episode of Well+Good’s YouTube Series, “You Versus Food” I discuss the mighty power of the peanut butter, winning across most nutritional categories when compared to ALL the other nut butters. My favorite line…

“Peanut butter is made of peanuts and peanuts are pretty healthy,” says Beckerman. “So just like that perfect match you found on Tinder, peanuts have an optimal profile— a nutritional profile, that is.”

Find out for yourself if peanut butter is 100% healthy…spoiler….IT IS!!!


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I’m unpacking ALL the info on TURMERIC. Not TUM-ERIC, TURMERIC! The anti-inflammatory super spice is taking over the world and you’ve probably even put it into your golden milk lattes. Yum!

In the video, I provide the inside scoop on the benefits of turmeric — from how it can actually help with inflammation, to how to actually use turmeric (hint: curcumin, turmeric's key compound, needs a special friend in order to absorb properly). Plus, you better believe that I’m giving you a SPICE GIRL JOKE in this video. Duh!!

Want to know my grocery staples? BAGELS!!

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In my latest article on NBC, I discuss how to grocery shop like a pro. And this the ULTIMATE tip…

Don’t skip the staples. “I’ll never leave the grocery store without B.A.G.E.L.S — that’s my acronym for berries, avocado, greek yogurt, eggs, lettuce and scallions,” Beckerman says. “These are staples in my house and I’ll find a use for them in my cooking throughout the week, no matter what.” These whole foods make a great choice for a grab-and-go snack, or they help add flavor and variety to many meals.

Plus, I go into the DEETS on the best lunch boxes, how to meal prep, and what to throw on a sheet pan.

There's a new alt milk in town...OAT MILK

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OAT MY GOSH! The latest episode of “You Versus Food” is out on OAT MILK! In the video, I go into the depth about the latest alternative milk, OAT MILK! I give a crazy analysis of the trendy new plant-based milk and discuss fiber, healthy carbs and the controversial, phytic acid. So if you want to know if oat milk is actually healthy….you'll just have to watch the video. Catch everyone soon!