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The Better Period Food Solution is available for pre-order today!

Sometimes it feels like there’s just no way to feel good during your menstrual cycle. It seems like ibuprofen and sick days are the only way to get through--until now. The Better Period Food Solution teaches you how to eat for a better, healthier, more comfortable period!

The book is a guide on how nutrition and certain foods can not only help alleviate painful period symptoms, but also heal your body through every stage (and every day!) of your cycle. Whether you suffer from painful periods or low energy, or a more chronic problem like endometriosis, The Better Period Food Solution will guide you through the nutrition choices that are best for your body. The book also includes sample meal plans and recipes that allow you to enjoy a lifetime of healthier cycles. The book also addresses other women’s health conditions such as: thyroid issues, PMS/PMDD, amenorrhea, PCOS, and optimizing fertility through diet.

On October 22nd, it will be available everywhere books and e-books are sold. If you are interested in purchasing books for your school or university, please contact me directly for more information.