Food and nutrition can be very confusing! In Well+Good’s YouTube series, “You Versus Food” I dive head first into the most popular diet and health trends and set the nutrition record straight! Plus, be sure to check out these episodes on any JetBlue plane, #humblebrag.

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To get notified about new video uploads, subscribe to Well+Good's channel: [] With so many diets out there from keto to paleo to vegan, navigating food gets confusing. In this episode of You Versus Food, RD Tracy Lockwood Beckerman gives us the low-down on intuitive eating- a way to eat without all of the burdens of diet culture, and a way to truly listen to our bodies.

Get your shopping lists out, because on this episode of You Versus Food, Tracy is giving us her top grocery items from WHOLE FOODS, all under $30! 🛒 Watch to see what Tracy picks, and why.

Dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman gives us an in-depth nutritional analysis of the trendy new plant-based milk: oat milk. From why the dietary fiber beta glucan should be your new best friend, to whether the phytic acid in oat milk is a big deal, to why oat milk seems to be the creamiest of all the vegan-friendly milk options, Tracy has the nutritional know-how.
Apple cider vinegar: the benefits seem to be nearly endless, but is all the hype actually real? Dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman takes us through the wonderful world of apple cider vinegar in this episode of You Versus Food: what's real, what's myth, how to take ACV, whether it effects weight loss and cholesterol, and what the heck the "mother" is.
To get notified about new video uploads, subscribe to Well+Good's channel: Get out your grocery lists, because today our favorite dietitian is telling giving us her Trader Joe's grocery haul for under $30. That's right, Tracy Lockwood Beckerman is giving you all of her favorite picks from good old TJ's, as well as explaining why she likes these picks from a nutritional standpoint.

Are you operating on low energy? Do you go through your day often feeling tired or sluggish? Today, Registered Dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, teaches us how to use our diet to increase energy levels! Watch to learn about all the foods you can eat to give you more energy, from eggs to brown rice, as well as tips for what foods and eating habits might be slowing you down (hint: sugar!)